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Krew cuts, children’s hairdressers review. Newark.


I have been taking Jamie to Krew cuts in Newark since he started needing a haircut. He is now 3 and a half years old. We even travel 45 minutes to go here (always with a meal out after).

I’m not sure what he likes the most, sitting in a fun car, watching TV or getting a treat at the end from the staff.

He has had his hair cut by the lovely owner Vicki many times and I’ve always been more than happy with his cut. On the occasions she hasn’t been there the other ladies have always done a good job too.


There are 3 car chairs to choose from for the little ones, each with a TV to watch. For the older ones there’s a gaming chair. There is also a barbers but as I am a woman I have no experience of this part of the business.

Vicki has tons of patience and believe you me she’s had all sorts of wrigglers. She does a great job cutting hair as they move around. Sadly Jamie is getting a bit big for the car chairs now but I’m sure once he figures out gaming he will love to play games while getting his hair cut.

Jamie’s highlight is always the treat at the end 😀


Jamie’s cut was £9. He’s usually there for about 30 minutes, sometimes even longer. I think this is a very good and fair price.

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