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Cra-z-sand castle creator playset. Product review.

We bought this product for Jamie for Christmas  – Cra-Z-Sand Castle Creator Playset. There are quite a few variations on the market. I bought it when it was on offer for£20.

There are 2 reviews of 1 star currently at Argos both saying that the sand is too dry and doesn’t stick together. We did not have this issue at all.

The set comes with a handy tray for creating your ‘designs’ in and there are loads of moulds and accessories. As well as three pots of different coloured sand there is also a big bag of brown sand. You will need a Tupperware container for this once it’s been opened.


Well what fun we had. We spent well over an hour playing with this. Jamie was determined to use every mould going. It’s great fun watching the sand expand when you first take it out of the container. You have to crumble it in your hands a little but you can almost see it come alive in front of you.


Virtually every mould we used seemed to create a near perfect structure. I think because the sand is ‘alive’ it moves into the gaps while you are putting it in the mould. Jamie is not yet the most accurate at putting sand into a mould and often forgets to pat it in but he was turning out near masterpieces.



I had a go at using two different sands in one mould but it didn’t look anywhere near as good as in the picture.

In conclusion our sand did more than I expected it to. I was amazed at how easy it is to create something that looks good and holds together. I will update if our sand does dry out. Currently I would recommend this product.


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