Days out - Lincolnshire

Woodthorpe garden centre, Lincs aquatics – enjoying a cheap day out.

I do like a day out that doesn’t cost much. If you are in Lincolnshire, up near Alford, and looking to pass some time without spending anything then this is the day out for you.

Now we did spend some money as we had our lunch out and donated to cancer research (I can’t pass an opportunity to donate to them) but there’s nothing to stop you going out after lunch if you are nearby.

First we started our day out at Lincs aquatics. This is much more than an aquatic shop. There are so many fish tanks selling such a wide variety of fish it’s unreal. It’s one of Britain’s biggest indoor aquatic superstores. We love looking at all the fish and although Jamie can only really see what’s in the lower tanks he loves spotting unusual fish.


I went seeking advice today and a very helpful member of staff helped me understand more about how to successfully keep fish. Hopefully one day my husband will remember again that he wanted fish and we can get a tank soon.


Once you’ve seen the fish if you go through to the back room they also have lots of reptiles for sale. It’s great fun playing spot the chameleon. They also have some very cute bearded dragons for sale, amongst other things.


On your way out don’t forget to buy a 60p bag of fish food and go up the wooden ramp to feed their very large and hungry fish. They seem to suck at the sides as they are eating which is an experience in itself.

After we’d passed sometime here we drove a very short distance to Woodthorpe garden centre. This is part of quite a large UK chain.

They had a massive sale on for Christmas decorations. They really do stock an awful lot of Christmas decorations. On the 31st December it was still nice to see all their decorations and there’s always a couple of animated displays to see.


There was still a few mini rides left over from Christmas that Jamie was keen to go on. The first was out of order so we were relieved to spot another. Sadly it ate our £1 coin and we had to call for help. A very helpful man came and gave us our money back. So we tried the last, seemingly working, ride. This went round once and then told us the test was over. We had to laugh. The very nice man was very apologetic and let us all have a free go on their Santa train instead. We were very impressed and you can see by Jamie’s face how much he enjoyed it. That was a big thumbs up to that member of staff.


The range of plants here is vast and they also have a very large covered shop with gifts and all things gardening available to buy.

Dinothorpe is a small section where they have some very realistic animated dinosaurs. So realistic Jamie was a bit scared. We spent quite awhile in here watching them move and hear them roar.


After that we went to see how wet the outdoor play area is. Sadly it was very wet so we went in their full size maze instead. It’s very good. A little muddy but I guess that’s the time of year. The hedges are very high and you really do get a sense of being lost in there. It took us ages to find the middle. There was a great sense of achievement when we made it. Luckily it’s very easy to get out of again.


After all that we had a much deserved lunch in their café. I had a very yummy fried egg, bread, chips and beans. Mum had cottage pie from their specials board and Jamie had burger in a bun with chips and peas. We were all very satisfied customers.

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