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Sacrewell a heritage farm day out review

I’ve had Sacrewell farm near Peterborough, Cambs on my radar for a while now. Why? Well because it looks a little bit different to your regular sort of farm.

Firstly it’s a charitable trust so it’s not run for lining someone’s pocket. Any money taken there is put back into the farm. Secondly it has a restored watermill. That’s something a bit different to normal!

The journey for us was just over an hour so not too bad. Upon arrival we couldn’t help thinking that the building looked like a modern garden centre. It hasnt been though but it’s certainly big and very new looking. After watering ourselves in their café, which could have done with a bit of heating, we paid for our entrance to the farm.

The entrance price is slightly less in winter and I paid £6.35 for me, £4.55 for Jamie and £5.30 for Mum. I also paid £3 (£1 each) for a tractor ride, this is a must with a 3.5 year old boy and 50p for a large plastic container of sheep and goat food. Very reasonable we felt.

We couldn’t get over how many peacocks there were. They were everywhere. Mostly warming themselves on a fence by the extractor fan. No sign of any peahens though. They seemed quite inquisitive and would follow you around in the hope of food and although initially they seemed a little aggressive they clearly weren’t.


Jamie for some reason wasn’t really in the mood for feeding the animals. After some persuasion he fed some of their goats but refused point blank to feed some rather cute and rather woolly sheep. That’s pretty standard for the day in the life of a toddler. We passed an outdoor play area that we all decided was a bit too muddy but he was content not to go on anything.


We really liked the overall feel of the place. The paths were rather muddy but we’d come with wellies on and I think as the place is quite large it would be wrong to expect them to have to path everywhere. There was a real sense of history to the place. The mill building was just delightful and with three floors to explore it was incredibly interesting.


The signs were very informative and modern looking. You could also see the wheel turning and all the machinery was turning next to it. We attempted to educate Jamie but he was just too excited to explore.


Before lunch we went on the tractor ride. It lasted about 10 minutes and I think it’s safe to say that Jamie loved every second of it. Especially the bumpy bits. So that was £3 well spent. The tractor driver was very friendly and informative.


We had lunch in their café which was around £19 for the 3 of us. The hot food was ready prepared and tasty enough. Jamie had the children’s sandwich deal where you can choose 6 items. He was very happy about this!

After lunch we let him loose in the playbarn. It was huge. Much bigger than I was expecting. I believe it had a bit of a revamp just a few years ago. There was so much to play on. He especially loved the bit where you put balls up a suction pipe and then they are all released from above after a couple of minutes. There are quite a few benches inside and there’s also a kiosk with drinks and cakes. So Mum and I were happy to sit and wait for him.


One observation for the day…we’d come on a Saturday but really it felt like we’d come on a term time weekday. Nearly everyone had a toddler or baby with them. Hardly any of the children were over the age of 4. This seemed a little strange to us and not what we are used to on a weekend day out.

On reflection we all really enjoyed our day out and I would highly recommend Sacrewell farm. They seem to have a lot of special events throughout the year so it would be nice to return for one of these.

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